Álvaro Pacheco

There is a taste of fire
                                      to Mr. Wisnu
There is a taste of fire in the full moon night
and the moonstones are glistenning.
The women return from the temples
after the blessing of the offerings
for the quiet meal of the sunset.
The Hight Priest sleeps within the incense.

The Elephant God and the Monkey God
look over the rice fields in the third crop
and inside the dark cave the monks pray
over the sacred legends. The smell of fire
came from the battlefields of the Mahabharata
and from the Third Degree of Reencarnation.

It is necessary more offerings to placate
the full moon - the gods are tired:
They have many names for human beings
but can't understand them. In the mountain
Kitamani, the Volcano, sleeps after the meal
and men go on with their fight against the gods.

It is the mind which cames back after death
to the Third Degree. The offerings
are only a blessing for the night meal.

Bali, julho de 1984                                                                                

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