Maria Gavallos






What if it rained donuts every day? 

If there was a storm, the power would never run out 

as it would run on chocolate sprinkle donuts! 

Everyone would be happy every day.  

How awesome would that be! 


What if kids could have a pet unicorn? 

It would help you to never be late to school. 

You would wake up every morning 

and eat a beautiful breakfast made  

by your best friend, a unicorn. 

How awesome would that be? 


What if school started at one o’clock? 

Was only half an hour long. 

You could nap like a cat and 

you would not have to do math. 

How awesome would that be! 


What if every day you could eat   

as much candy as you wanted? 

Never have a stomach ache and  

it did nothing bad to your body.  

How awesome would that be? 



Maria Gavallos, 4th grade 

Rancho Elementary School, Novato, CA, USA 

Deborah Robles, Classroom teacher 

Michele Rivers, Poetry teacher 


Maria Gavallos, greek

Maria Gavalos, english


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